R1 09

This example was a 'Supersport tune' as the customer was on a tight budget. We left the bottom end of the engine as standard, tuning the top-end only. We ported the cylinder head and fit YEC camshafts. All parts used in this engine were genuine Yamaha and YEC where applicable. from this mild tune, we saw a gain of over 20bhp.

Tuning work:
To strip, clean and inspect the engine.
Dry build to measure big end and main bearing clearances.
Fit shells to provide correct clearances. 
Port cylinder head.
Cut valve seats.
Fit re-profiled cams.
Dial in cams. Re-shim to new cams.
Re-build engine fitting upgraded parts.

Labour Price: £1700 + Vat + Parts

Parts used:
Cylinder head gasket
Engine case gasket set
YEC valve springs
YEC Camshafts

Recomended Parts:
Oil: Silkolene Pro R
Power Commander V
Dynojet Quickshifter