CBR600RR 07-09

This example is a Supersport Tune' to comply with the British Supersort series regulations. This FW Developments spec CBR600RR 07 was developed for the Blackhorse Racing team for Ian Lougher to contest the TT, North West 200 and various road races..

The complete engine was stripped to the crankcases, all bearings were measured and re-sized. The cylinder head was ported and valve seats cut. FWD spec camshafts were fitted and shimmed to suit. FWD bellmouths were fitted, giving extra power.

The end result is a 600cc machine, producing over 130bhp.

Tuning work:
To strip, clean and inspect the engine.
Dry build to measure big end and main bearing clearances.
Fit shells to provide correct clearances.
Port cylinder head.
Cut valve seats.
Fit re-profiled cams.
Check valve to piston clearance.
Dial in cams. Re-shim to new cams.
Re-build engine fitting upgraded parts.

Labour Price: £1700 + Vat + Parts

Engine Parts:
Crankshaft Bearings
Connecting Rod Bearings
Connecting Rod Nuts
Cylinder Head Gasket
FWD Spec Camshafts
Camshaft Sprocket Kit
Oil Filter

Recommended Parts:
Oil: Silkolene Pro R
Arata Exhaust
Power Commander V
Dynojet Quickshifter
FWD Bellmouths