Cryogenic Treatment

FWD provides a service to cryogenically treat engine parts to increase engine performance and life.
Duriung the process, the engine parts are heated up, then exposed to vapors of liquid nitrogen, slowly cooling the parts to below 200 degrees C.

This process helps to relieve metal stress and creates a stronger, denser, more uniform molecular structure.

The process forces the molecules into a uniform pattern that doesn’t allow for peaks and valleys –imperfections which aren’t visible to the naked eye. Each one of these peaks and valleys can be a potential breaking point. The engine will be more stabilized, the cylinder walls don’t warp and crack, it gives less blow by on the pistons, more compression and therefore will give higher horsepower.

The process reduces friction and increases strength, unlocking hidden horsepower in your engine.

Common parts to get treated include:
  • Crankcases
  • Crankshafts
  • Conn-rods
  • Pistons  

Engine Tuning

All types of engine tuning for the most popular manufacturers. From engine only upgrades to complete machine rebuilds.


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