About FW Developments

FW Developments is currently one of the UK's largest and most successful motorcycle tuning and performance centres.

The company was founded in 1986, by former European and British sidecar champion, Frank Wrathall. His extensive mechanical knowledge, experience and engine tuning skill soon saw him become the UK's leading 2-Stroke engine tuner. This excellence in engine tuning transferred over to 4-Stroke motorcycles where FW Developments gained a reputation for percise workmanship and developing ultra-fast reliable engines. This lead to many TT wins and BSB titles, working with teams all over the world and achieving success with the likes of TAS Suzuki, Paul Bird Motorsport (Monstermob Ducati, Stobart Honda) and Raceways Yamaha.

So whether you are a road bike user who is looking for something extra from your machine, a club racer looking for an extra edge, or a superbike team looking for a complete tuning package, FW Developments can cater for you.